World City Trail is the biggest outdoor escape game in the world.

It is a mix of an escape game, a treasure hunt and a self guided tour.

It is the most interactive way to explore a new city or to rediscover yours

and learn important info about the attractions and the city!

Using the WCT mobile app, you will walk or bike through the city,

moving from one point to the other, solving riddles!

WCT mobile app is compatible with android, iOS, Windows and more!
You can choose from 76 cities in 32 countries and between 16 languages!

For our city games in Europe, U.S.A and Canada, you can visit this website!

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Why an outdoor escape game or treasure hunt?

Enjoy the best walk of the city

You will wander around the most important attractions of the city and learn everything about them

It is the most creative and team building outdoor activity

You will solve riddles and move from one point to another.

No need of specific knowledge, just observe, imagine, combine.

Ideal for families, friends, couples, students and companies!

No extra costs

It is a very cheap way to explore a city

Buy and Play instantly

Pay and Play any time.
Instant delivery.
No bookings required

No1 mobile app and automatic help system suitable for all

A scaled help system will give you a boost to continue

Time is with you and not against you

Manage your time, pause and play whenever you like, even another day

Self guided tour

16 languages supported, 3-10 per city

Private tour

Just you and your fellowship, no guides, no crowds.

Lovers of escape rooms and scavenger hunt

Will satisfy any escape room lover, without the use of hints!


You can rediscover your city in a unique way! Learn things you never knew.

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