Sydney outdoor escape game


The cost is per group. Buy 1 game for 1-5 people.

Online app (data on) for iOS, android and more

Sydney outdoor escape game

Sydney outdoor escape game! What about playing an outdoor escape game in Sydney ?

Spread yourselves around the streets and try to solve the riddles!

You will explore this amazing city in an interactive and unique way!

Everything in your mobile phone, in your language and in a very cheap price!

What a great chance to take some beautiful photos too!

Will you manage to bring yourselves first in the leaderboard?

Can you solve the riddles and escape from Sydney ? Sydney outdoor escape game

The mobile app provides :

Navigation and automatic help system with 3 levels of hints.

Total points and leaderboard.

Time is with you and not against you. Solve the riddles at your own pace.

You can pause your game any time and continue later or another day.

Each month, the no1 team of the leaderboard will win a free game for any city we provide.

  • Cost: Each game costs 35 AUD (per group) , up to 4-5 players.
  • If you buy one game, up to 5 players can login through each one’s device (online version of the app) . All the players of the team will be always at the same riddle.
  • If you would like to play as rivals then you have to buy another game . For example if you are 8 persons and would like to split in 2 rival teams, then you have to buy 2 games.
  • Average duration: 2 hours including total walking time of 60 minutes
  • Supported languages: English, Deutsch,  French,chinese,japanese
  • Level of difficulty : Always hard 🙂 , but hints will always be there !

Sydney outdoor escape game begins at Darling Harbour and ends at Harbour bridge

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